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 1 image, 1 word-art and 1 animation made by me.
Plug-ins: Tramages - Tow the Line
, download here

Before you begins.......
Open the image and the word-art in PSP.
 Set the plug-ins in the folder plug-ins.


Disneyland Band





File - open new transparent image 700x550.
Set in the material palette the foreground color on #fdfc56 and the background color on #c50b1c.
Make of the foreground a gradient radial with this setting.

Activate flood fill tool fill the layer with the gradient.
Effects -Art Media Effects - Brush strokes - with this setting.

Layers - new raster layer.
Fill this with the background color.
Effects - geometrics effects - perspective horizontal - with this setting.

Effects - geometrics effects - cylinder horizontal - with this setting.

Effects - Image effects - offset - with this setting.

Layers - duplicate and 1 more time.

Activate raster 2.
Effects - Distortion effects - wind - with this setting.

Effects - Texture effects - Mosaic Antique -with this setting.

Activate copy of raster2.
Effects - plug-ins - Tramages - Tow the Line - with this setting - click OK.

Effects - 3D Effects - drop shadow - with this setting.

Repeat the drop shadow - now with vert. and horz. on -4

Activate copy(2) of raster2.
Image - resize 85% - all layers not checked.
Objects - Align - left.

Selections - select all.
Selections - float - selections - defloat.
Activate the image Disneylandband - edit - copy.
Edit - paste into selection.
Selections - select none.

Activate the bottom layer.
Image - canvas size - with this setting.

Activate the magic wand - with settings below - and select the transparent sqaure.

Layers - new raster layer
Fill the selection with the background color.
Effects - plug-ins - Tramages - Tow the Line - setting is right - click OK.
Effects - 3D Effects - drop shadow - with this setting.

Activate the top layer.
Activate word-art Disneylandband - edit - copy.
Edit - paste as a new layer on the image.
Activate move tool - place left at the bottom - see example.

Layers - new raster layer - put your watermark into the image.
Image - add border 5 pixels - symmetric - background color.
Edit - copy.

Open Animation Shop - paste as a new animation.
Edit - duplicate selected.
Edit - select all.

Open animation Emmyfanfare.
Edit - select all.
Edit - copy.
Edit - paste into selected frame of the image.

Animation - Frame properties at 50.
Animation - resize format animation - with this setting.

File save as give name - click 3 times at next and than at finish.


Ready is the tag
I hope you like this tutorial.
greetings Emmy


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  tutorial written 08-07-2013.