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Tube, font Old English Text M, accents, gold pattern, preset inner bevel kussen, texture,
filters: Simple-Left Top Mirror.
All in  zip file. You can download here
texture download here

Christmas Mickey Tag

Open the tube, - Shift D - and close the original tube.
Open the font Old English Text M and minimize it.
Put the texture in de texture folder
The gold pattern in de pattern folder.
Preset inner bevel kussen in the  presets folder.
The filter in the folder plug-inn.


Take 2 colors from your tube, light #fade66 for the foreground and a dark #077900 for the background color.
Put the foreground op gradient, see below.


1. Open a new raster image 650x450.
2. Fill your image with the gradient.
3. Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur at 25.
4. Effects-Texture Effects-Mosaic Antique with this settings:

5. Effects-Texture Effects-Mosaic Glass with this settings.

6. New raster layer, put the foreground at the gold pattern, fill this with the gold pattern.
7. Select all, selections-Modify, contract at 2. Click on OK.
8. Click on the delete key of your keyboard. Selections none.
9. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer at your image. Move it something up. (see example)
10. Effects-3D Effects-Drop Shadow.

Repeat with H and V at -2.
11.  Go to Selection tool and choose the rectangle. Make a rectangle of 100 width down to the bottom.

12. New raster layer and fill this with the dark color.
13. Effects-Texture Effects-Blinds with this settings.

Repeat, but than with Horizontal unchecked. Let selection stay.
14. New raster layer, fill this selection with the gold pattern.
15. Selections Modify-Contract at 2. Click on OK. And the delete key once.
Selection none.
16. Layers-merge- merge down.
17. Effects-3D Effects-Drop Shadow as before. (see point 10)  But this time without the repeat.
18. Occupation of this layer at 75.
19. Duplicate-Image-Mirror.
Be sure that your tube is in the middle of your image.
20. Go to your text tool, size at 60 and the font Old English Text M.
21. Type Merry Christmas or something else.
22. Go to Effects-3D Effects-Inner Bevel with the setting  preset inner bevel kussen. (is in the zip file)
23. Effects-3D Effects-the same Drop Shadow as in point 10.
24. Layers-Merge-Visible.
25. Open the accent dani05 and copy Ebene13.
26. Paste this as a new layer left top corner. Effects-3D Effects-Drop Shadow same as before. Duplicate-Image-Mirror-Image-Filp.
27. Copy Ebene 11 and paste as a new layer left half at the stroke (see example upstairs). Effects-3D Effects-Drop Shadow as before, point 10. Duplicate-Image-Mirror-Image-Flip.
28. Layers- Merge all. Copy.
29. Image-Add borders 20 white, select border, paste in the selection. Selections none.
30. At the same layer fill this with the gold pattern. Select all- Selections Modify-Contract 2. Click on OK. Click on the delete key. Selections none.
31. Image-Add borders 20 background color green, select.
32. Go to Effects-Texture Effects-Texture and search for Susan 09textuur.

33. Effects-Edge Effects-Enhance. Selections none.
34. New raster layer fill this with the gold pattern. Select all-selections Modify-Contract 2. Click on OK. Click at the delete key. Selections none.
35. Image-Add borders 30 green, select,
36. Repeat point 13.
37. New raster layer fill this with the gold pattern. Select all- selections Modify-Contract 2. Click OK. Click at the delete key. Selections none.
38. Copy Ebene 6, image-free rotate 90 right, put it to the left top corner.
39. Effects-3D Effects-Drop Shadow as before point 10.
40. Go to Effects-Simple-Top Left Mirror and click at OK.
41. Put your watermark into the image and merge all layers.
42. Resize with 75% and ready is the tag.


I hope you like this tutorial.
greetings Emmy



Tutorial written 01-11-2009