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Materials download here
2 Disney tube, 2 tube,  Animation Shop.
plug-ins: - Dot and Cross  Download here

Before you begins.......
Plug-ins : Install first your plug-ins before you open PSP and put them in the folder plug-ins.
Open your tubes in PSP

Jungle Book

Foreground #54402d and background  #a38a3d

Open new transparent image 800x700
Fill with a linear gradient.

Effects - Xero - Tekstya with this setting.

DisneyBaloo2_cmh Copy and paste as new layer.
Place it on the left.

Duplicate this layer
Effects -  Effects Distortion Effects - Wind - from the right 100
Effects - Distortion Effects Effects - pixelation with this setting.

Effects - Distortion Effects Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance.
Layers - arrange - move down.

Make the top layer active.
Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow with these settings. See image

Go to selection tool - free hand selection - free hand.
Select the grass of the tube DisneyBaloo2 - copy - paste as new layer.

Image - mirror and place it at the bottom on the right.

Copy Jungle_tree and paste as new layer.
Place it on the right.
Duplicate this layer and place it diagonally over the other.
Layers - arrange - move down.
Give any two layers the same drop shadow as in step 3.
Layers - merge - merge down.

Copy Mowgli and paste as new layer.
Place the bottom right of the grass layer.
Give the same drop shadow as in step 3.

 Copy eikel and paste as new layer.

Place this in the tree of Baloo.
Image - resize 75% - format all layers not checked.
Duplicate this layer twice - place them together. see example.
Layers - merge - merge down. One more time.
Give the same drop shadow as in step 3.

Duplicate this merged layer and place it in the bottom tree of Mowgli.
Duplicate this layer - Image - resize 75% - all layers unchecked.
Place it in the upper tree of Mowgli.


Go to text tool - set background color # 54402d and the foreground color locked.
Vivaldi Font - size 72 - and write - Jungle Book - Convert to raster layer.
Apply the same drop shadow as in step 3.

Image - resize 75% - all layers unchecked.
Layers - new raster layer - put your watermark in the image.
Layers - merge - merge all layers

Image - canvas size of the institution.

Stay on the bottom layer - Select the transparent border

Go to the eraser tool and erase the remainder of the tree way (copy of raster 4) - - flood fill with # 5b6d0c.

Effects - - Dot and Cross this setting.

Effects - Distortion Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance.
Effects - 3D Effects - Inner Bevel with these settings.

Selections - select none.


Copy eikel and paste as a new layer.
Place this by Mowgli's stick...see example.
Duplicate this layer 10 times and insert it into Baloo's leg ... see below.

Lock all eikel (acorn) layers, except the first

Stay at the bottom layer
Edit - copy merged.
Open animation Shop - paste as a new animation.

Back in PSP - Open Copy of Raster9 and lock raster9.
Edit - copy merged.
Back in animation shop - paste after active frame.
Keep always the last frame is selected.
Repeat until all layers of the eikels (acorn) are done
Animations - Resize Animated - change this setting.


Copy frame 2 until 10 - selected frame 11 paste after active frame. Total 20 frames.
Let selection stay - Animation - reverse frames.
Animation - Frame Properties - Set the first and eleventh frame 75.
File - Save As - give name- Click Next three times and then finish.

Ready is the tag
I hope you like this tutorial.
greetings Emmy,


Tutorial written 30-03-2011