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2 tubes, masker 0.121-Wicked
filter Mehdi Wavy Lab, PentaCom VTR2.
Materials download here

Put the filter in the folder plug-ins and the mask in the folder Mask.

Kwik Kwek Kwak


1. Open new image 600x400
2. Take 2 colors from your tube. I did #5cbdd4 as foreground and #003f82 as background color.
3. Flood fill the image with the foreground color.
4. New raster layer flood fill with the background color.
5. Layers- Load/Save Mask - Load Mask from Disk
6. Find masker 0.121-wicked .

7. Layers - Merge group.
8. Opacity of this layer at 50.
9. Stay at the bottom layer. Effects - Texture Effects - Texture - Squares.

10. Copy your tube and paste as a new layer.
11. Place this at the bottom in the middle

12. Go to Effects-3D Effects - Drop Shadow.

13. Go to Selection  tool- rectangle.
14. Make a rectangle about 5x400. (Start by 100 to 95.)

15. New raster layer Flood fill this with the background color.
16. Duplicate this layer and place this a little to the left.
17. Duplicate one more time and place again a little to the left.
18. Layers - merge - merge down and one more time.
19. Give the same Drop Shadow as in point 12.
20. Duplicate this layer.
21. Image - Mirror.
22. Duplicate this layer.
23. Image - Free
Rotate - Left 90.
24. Place this between the 2 others (see below).

25. Slide the other lines slightly to the right and left, so that the horizontal lines there between is.
25a.Layers - merge - merge down and one more time.

26. Go to Selection Tool -Custom Selection.


27. Image - crop to selection.
28.Chane the foreground in a other color from the tube I toke #5b9848.
29.Image - add border - not symmetric - foreground color - with this setting.

30.Select with the magic wand the width borders.
31. Go to Effects - Mehdi-Wavy Lab - with this setting.

32. Let selection stay.
33. Effects - Penta Com - VTR2.

34. Selection none.
35. Copy the tube bloemenrand and paste as a new layer.
36. Place this to the left at 50 see below.

37. Give the same Drop Shadow as in point 12.
38. Duplicate this layer. Image - Mirror
39. Go to Text Tool. I did Arial Black size20.
40. Type with capitals HUEY DEWEY LOUIE. Or anything else
41. Convert to raster layer
42. Place this at the top. see tag.
43. Image - add border 5. Flood fill with background color.
44.  Image - add border 5. Flood fill with foreground color.
45.  Image - add border 5. Flood fill with background color.

46. Selection - Select all- Selection - Modify - Contract 15.

47. Effects - 3D Effects - Cutout.

48. Selct none.
49. Put your name or watermark in the tag.
50. Save as jpg.


Ready is the tag
I hope that you like this tutorial.
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Tutorial written 03-08-2009