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Materials  Download here
3 tubes, 2 colors from your tube
filter Simple -Top Left Mirror,  Filter Unlimited 2.0 - Canvas Fine, - Dot and Cross.
Alternative for Filter Unlimited Canvas Fine is Effects -Texture effects -Texture - Canvas Fine.


Mickey Gangster


1. Open a new image 600x600
2. Make a gradient of the 2 colors

3. Flood fill the image with this gradient,
4. Duplicate this layer
5. Image......Mirror.....Opacity 50.
6. Go to selection place this in the left upstairs corner .(see below)

7. New raster layer
8. Flood fill this with the dark color.
9. Copy your tube and past as a new layer.
10. Put it in the circle, see below.

11. Go to selections....Invert... and click on the delete key on your keyboard.
12. none.
13. Lock the2 lower layers
14. Stay at raster 3 of 4 ....go to layers.....merge....merge visible layers.
15. Effects....3D effects.....drop shadow,

16. Unlock the 2 lower layers.
17. Copy the tube and paste as a new layer.
18. Image.....Mirror... and place this right below.
19. Effects....3D effects...drop shadow as in point 15
20. Go to selection tool...rectangle.....and place this right above (see below)

21. New raster layer... flood fill with the dark color
22. Go to selections...modify...contract 15
23. Flood with the selection with the light color.
24. none.
25. Click with the Magic Wand at the dark color
26. Go to and Cross

27. Copy the Flower2 tube and paste as a new layer into the image.
28. Place this in the right upper corner in the rectangle.
29. Effects..3D effects...same drop shadow as in point 15.
30. Duplicate this layer and place this left below of the rectangle.
31. Copy the Deko1 tube and paste as a new rotate...right 15

32. Place this left below of the image
33. Pull this layer below the merge circle layer
34. Same drop shadow as in point 15.
35. Duplicate this layer.....image....Resize....3x 75% All layer not checked.
36. rotate...left 20...Place this near the other (see image at the top)
37. same drop shadow as in point 15.
38. Go to text tool...size 48 and write Flowers (colors see image below)

39. Place this in the light rectangle.
40. Same drop shadow as in point 15.
41. Duplicate the rectangle with filter (raster 3)

42. Place this above raster 2 (Thee vertical background) Left below of the image.
43. Go to text tool...size 48 and write Mickey in the light rectangle.
44. Same drop shadow as in point 15.
45. Put your watermark into the image.
46. Layers....merge.......merge all layers.
47. Image ....Resize....with 75%.
48. Image...Add border 25...dark color.
49. Select this border with the magic wand.
50. setting as in point 26.
51. Effects....3D effects...Inner Bevel

52. Selections...Select none.
53. Image....Add border 25 with light color.
54. Select this border with the magic wand.
55. Flood fill this with gradient

Let selection stay.
56. Effects....Filters Unlimited 2.0.....Canvas fine...Intensity 156....Lightness 87
57. Selections none.
58. Repeat point 48 t/m 52.
59. Copy the Flower2 tube and paste as a new layer at the image.
60. Place this into the left upper corner.
61. Effects...Simple....Top Left Mirror. Click on OK.
62. Layers....merge...Merge all layers.
63. Image...Resize 75%.
64. jpg Optimizer.


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Tutorial written 29-09-2009