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1 tube, 1 misted tube, 1 word-art, 1 preset  and 1 accent all made by me.
1 gradient from Nanson you can find her site here.
I use Double Chocolate download here.


Filters: Alien Skin, VM Extravaganza, Filter Factory Gallery VM- download here
 Put the plug-ins in the folder plug-ins and the gradient in the folder gradient.
Double click the preset Alien Skin (Emmytower), he imports itself in the plug-in.
Open the tube, misted tube, accent and word-art in PSP.


Tower of Terror

Set the foreground at a light color and the background at a dark color from the tube.
Create a gradient sunburst of the foreground with mqc Double Chocolate.
With this settings.

1.   Open new transparent image 800x550.
2.   Activate Flood Fill Tool and fill the image with the gradient.
3.   Layers duplicate.
4.   Image flip.
5.   Set in the layers palette the opacity of the layer at 50.
6.   Layers merge merge down.
7.   Effects plug-ins Alien Skin Eye Candy 5   Textures Swirl.
Go to settings - User Settings - and click on Emmytower

8.   Effects Edge Effects enhance.
9.   Image add border symmetric 2 pixels foreground color.
10.   Window duplicate or Shift + D
11.   Put this image aside, there we go later on.
12.   Go further with the original image.
13.   Image resize  85% all layers checked.
14.   Layers new raster layer.
15.   Effects Artistic  Effects Balls and Bubbles.
          By Shape 1single ball or bubble and maximum possible size checked.
         For the next tabs - see the settings below.

16.   Image resize 75% - all layers not checked.
17.   Effects Image Effects offset with this settings. 

18.   Layers duplicate.
19.   Image resize 25% - all layers not checked.
20.   Layers duplicate and 1 more time.
21.   Activate Move tool and move the little balls left from the large ball - see example.
Activate the top layer.
22.   Layers merge merge down.
And 1 more time.
23.   Activate the bottom layer.
24.   Activate selection tool custom selection.

25.   Click the custom selection make a selection with this settings.

26.   Layers new raster layer.
27.   Change the foreground gradient in linear with this settings.

28.   Activate Flood Fill Tool and fill the selection with the gradient.
29.   Selections select none.
30.   Effects plug-ins VM Extravaganza Transmission with this settings.

31.   Effects Edge Effects enhance.
32.   Activate raster 1.
33.   Selections select all.
34.    Selections float.
35.   Selections defloat.
36.   Layers new raster layer.
37.   Activate de misted tube edit copy.
38.   Edit paste into selection.
39.   Selections select none.
40.   Layers merge merge down.
41.   Make the top layer active.
42.   Activate the accent edit copy.
43.   Edit paste as a new layer on the image.
44.   Actives Move tool  - put this left above see example.
45.   Effects Edge Effects enhance.
46.   Effects 3D Effects drop shadow with this settings.

47.   Layers duplicate.
48.   Image free rotate left 90.
49.   Put this right below.
50.   Lock in the layer palette copy of raster 1, by clicking at the eye.

51.   Make the bottom layer active.
52.   Layers merge merge all visible.
53.   Open the  bottom layer.
54.  Image canvas size with this settings.

55.   Stay at this layer.
56.   Activate the image, that you put aside in point 9.
57.   Edit copy.
58.   Edit paste as a new layer on the original image.
59.   Layers arrange move down.
60.   Activate the merge layer.
61.   Effects 3D Effects drop shadow with this settings.

62.   Repeat the drop shadow with Horz. and Vert. at -7
63.   Make the top layer active.
64.   Activate the tube edit copy.
65.   Edit paste as a new layer on the image.
66.   Put the tube left below.
67.   Effects 3D Effects drop shadow with this settings.

68.   Activate word-art-tower edit copy.
69.   Edit paste as a new layer on the image.
70.   Put this right below see example.
71.   Layers new raster layer.
72.   Put your watermark into the image.
73.   Lock in the layer palette copy of raster 1 by clicking at the eye.
74.   Activate the bottom layer.
75.   Layers merge merge all visible.
76.   Actives copy of raster 1 open this.
77.   Effects plug-ins Filter Factory Gallery V Split Contrast with this settings.

78.   Edit copy special copy merged.
79.   Open Animation shop.
80.   In AS paste as a new animation.
81.   Back in PSP click 1 time at Undo Last Command.

82.   Effects plug-ins Filter Factory Gallery V Split Contrast change only Light in 60
83.   Edit copy special copy merged.
84.   In AS paste after active frame.
85.   Back in PSP - click 1 time at Undo Last Command.
86.   Effects plug-ins Filter Factory Gallery V Split Contrast change only Light in 90
87.   Edit copy special copy merged.
88.   In AS paste after active frame. Be sure that the last frame is selected.
89.   Edit select all.
90.   Animation Frame properties put this at 45.
91.   Animation resize format of animation with this settings.

92.   File save as give name click 3 times at next and than at finish.

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Tutorial written 17-02-2012